Thursday, August 24, 2006

Polalam-A goan retreat

Mention the name of Goa and there is unusual excitement in the people around you!The ultimate Honeymoon,Holiday,Travel destination Goa has indeed found its way amongst the most preferred Holiday destinations in the country and has a following amongst Indians and foreigners alike.Infact its amongst the cumpulsive new year's destinations and why not..with all the beaches,free flowing bear and flesh(you bet!) to be spotted,it surely deserves that spot.

Not that i am denying it its top spot,indeed even i did enjoy it in my first visit to Goa with all the bike riding(pillion though!:) ) and beautiful beaches,still i thought there was something missing.The calm beaches,the escape from over polluted and populated city life was what i wanted and Goa failed to titilate me in those aspects.

And here comes Polalam,a virtually unknown paradise!
Polalam strictly is situated in Goa but far removed from the Goa we all know.It is a 4 hour journey( by train ) from NITK and the nearest station is Cancon.We decided about the trip at around 1:00 pm in the afternoon and Bingo!we were on the station at 2:30.Now thats why all unplanned trips are great.Its beacuse you don't have any expectations from the trip and you tend to enjoy every moment then. Me Som and Assy in the general compartment of the train

We enjoyed even the Train journey a lot with all the guuys in full form to crack the PJs and stuff!(Now thats what we did throughout 4 yrs of our college life!)
In any case,coming back to the trip.We reached Cancon at around 9 at night.From there it a 10 minuted auto ride.

Polalem is a small beach but undeniably an awesome one.One of hte key features out here is the bamboo huts which are built on the beach itself.These one room huts are availabe at as low as 150 INR.The first thing you see and hear in the morning is the beach and i can tell you it is really refreshing to wake up with the soothing music of sea waves.
Since we were quite late, the immmediate concern was a sumptous meal which was more than sumptuous with the beach in the backdrop and the candle light on the table.In other words, it was nothing short of a romantic candle light dinner.Even the normal lime juice seemed like the best drink we had.Though a little bit over priced but still the experience the experience is just awesome.
The beach is spotlessly clean given the very few tourists who visit it and that too mostly foreigners. Spotlessly clean Beach of Polalem

And those who are looking for some beautiful flesh, its all here given the obsession of the gurls to bare it all in such an exquisite environment.:)In any case,after the heavy dinner we all were done in for the day and just dozed off. Candle Light Dinner at Polalem Beach.Me and Som not in the pic are Assy,Ush and Tush

The morning was great...To watch the sun rise and then having a great breakfast on the beach.The restauranters are a bit rude to Indian customers beacuse they are used to the heavy tips from the westerners but this hardly matters to the college grads like us.We are used to all this.After the breakfast we tried our hands at a game of volleyball and needless to say two of the players were useless(they were girls!) still had fun diving like crazy on the fine sands of polalem.

And then the waters!just the right temprature and a shallow beach is a deadly combination0 which would just want you to go on and on. Lazing rite away in the morning!What a great day to start your day!

Swimming against the waves is a hell of an experience and i did try my hands at it but was put off by the image of a lurking shark in the depth! :) so much for the fear!Splashed, dived in the waters for hours.The waves kust picking you up and throwing you far away.Trying to be afloat over a wave...The words are less to describe the experience.
And when we got out of the water all tired and worked out,iu assure you it was worth it.Enough to make some of the ppl back in college jealous.Time for us to wrap up!Though it was a short tour,(infact too short given our engagements with the approacing final sems!) it was just the right trip which i would indeed remember for life.Its not that this was the first time we had been on the beach but i guess it was because of the fact that it was so very unplanned and unexpected.And thats when we tend to enjoy the most when we don have any expectations from anything.Just living the moment!In any case thanks to Assy cos if it was not for his Bday we would have never thought of taking the pains of coming here.I owe this one to you assy! :) Having Dinner after the exhaustive ordeal in the waters!

Hey what say!Lets have another trip when we meet for the Convocation..Come on we can afford some leaves yaar.All you guys,Thnk about it! ;)

Auf WiederZehn!