Monday, February 12, 2007

A day to Chandigarh: duration 19 hours. time spent in travelling: 12 hours
Inception of plan:11 p.m February 9, 2007
Execution : 4 a.m February 10, 2007
Time taken for the same : 5 hours including 3 hours of sleep
Comment: Boy! thats fast! After all sardar is known to do things quickly except for eating. :)

It all started when Harpreet (the omnipresent sardar you just cant miss in Indus!) messaged me out of nowhere "Chalo Chandigarh chalein". And despite the innumerable holidays which were taken by me the previous month-the count is at 7 owing to the boredoom at work and offcourse my brother' s marriage, i was forced into saying a yes. The reason being again boredom at work and a need to fill up my senses. So the initial plan of 4 people saw the day of light with 2 of us on the bike towards the bus stand at 4 in the morning. Considering that the message arrived at 11 p.m, this was pretty quick for a trip :) But then thats the way i love it.

On the bus and that demon called sleep caught us quickly. So i would say it was a back breaking sleepy journey of 5 hours. I could have been caught thinking aloud "Sleep sleep go away, come again another day..little sid wants to enjoy the journey." But it didn't budge. Cutting the long story short, we reached Chandigarh at 10:30 am. And then another bus to Punjab University where Harpreeet had some work of approx 45 mins (Now i did believe him on that! How stupid of me!)
Beautiful weather, lovely breeze and above all the college atmosphere were enough to keep me engaged even when the best thing we did throughout the day was roaming around the campus to get a work as trivial as submitting an application. And you could see that a trivial submission of form can take you ages in the Government Raj. The form is available at place A, submit the form in place B, get it attested in place C, submit it in place D and A, B, C, D have no relation what so ever in terms of distance with each one as far apart as possible from the other. I was just wondering the futility of such processes. Weren't the processes meant to simplify and make things faster? And ding dong! a business idea stems which can be talked about in the future blogs! For now lets concentrate in this trip. So a job which was approximated to be completed in 45 mins took 5 hrs and the est part is that you are turned down after that just because a signature was missing. So the purpose of visit for Sardar was not at all served. Frustrated as he was, i was oblivous to all, enjoying my way, enjoying the mindless and the purposelessness of the stroll, the escape from the normal routine and the beautiful breeze which was enough to bring a smile on my face. So here is sardar all vexed and here i am, happier than the happiest. :) The day begins to close without a trace of progress for sardar and a mind boggling growth in my content levels and satisfaftion graphs. So we jsut leave the damn work with one of her cute friends who takes the onus of doing it for sardar. And the next stop is : Lake sukhaya Chandigarh. Boating and channa garam zor go really well and a cool weather adds feathers to the cap. 1 hour of sitting in the boat without uttering words of wisdom/foolishness.
The day quickly closes with us leaving again for the bus stand and being on hte bus by 6:00 and again comes the back breaking journey with lots of sleep added to it.
The result of this 19 hour day with 12 hours of journey is a tired but very much satisfied me. Though i had been to chandigarh quite a number of times earlier, the freedom and the purposelessness of this trip toghether with its unplanned nature and doing nothing made this one worth. Words of wisdom: Don't over plan your trips, go on trips impulsively and enjoy the small small things and you will surely be a travel buff!


sid: aka siddharth jain the one who takes the moral, legal, verbal responsibility of this piece of writing. All rights reserved
sardar: a species which is very very rare in the whole world. This species is generally found wide awake at unearthly hours. It stays miles away from water and is too witty to handle. words of caution: don't open your mouth without being permitted cos then you are susceptible to the volly of illogically logical rhetorics which are impossible to handle owing to the sheer logic of the illogic.

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